WidgetWeb Playground


Welcome to the WidgetWeb Playground!

This playground lets you experiment with building and modifying a website using WidgetWeb. This site is a fully functioning WidgetWeb site with most of the security permissions disabled, unlike normal WidgetWeb sites that only allow the site owner to add or change content.

Note that this site is reset to it's original state every 60 minutes.  Sorry for any inconvenience!

How do I add content?

Click the "Actions" button in the upper right of the screen, you can add a page, a new Widget (something that displays on the page), or edit information about the site.

How do I add a page?

Click the "Actions" button in the upper right of the screen, then click "New Page". There are two types of pages. Top level pages are siblings of the home page. Sub-Pages are children of existing pages. Don't worry, you can move pages around after they are created. The old URL's will automatically redirect users to the new page location.


If you have having trouble, please feel free to email support@widgetweb.com